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DTM Print GmbH

Print full-colour photos, logos, designs and text directly onto the surface of many food items quickly and easily!
with eddie printed cookies

What can I print on?

Eddie prints on a variety of food items, including onto certain frostings or directly onto cookies, cupcake toppers, macarons, and more.


Eddie can produce new profits in commercial settings from bakeries to hotels, tradeshows, giftshops, company, events and amusement parks.

Enhance food items with a personalised print like:

with eddie printed cookies


  • Full food safety certifications
    Unlike modified consumer printers, Eddie was designed to be used in food processing environments to fulfill all hygienic standards. Stainless steel housing, easy to clean components and certified ink with FDA and EU approvals make Eddie the safest direct to food printer in its class.
  • Automatically and hands-free operation
    The carousel design enables a smooth workflow. It has 12 positions which allows an easy place and pick operation whilst printing.
  • Direct to food printing
    Unlike other printers that print on frosted sheets which must be glued on the food item, Eddie prints direct to the food item which has a much more professional look and detail. Even curved and uneven surfaces produce great looking results.
  • Enclosed print head and ink cartridge
    Unlike other printers Eddie has the print head and ink compartment in one cartridge which gives no chance to build up bacteria in ink pipes or fixed installed printheads. If the ink is depleted, the insertion of a new cartridge takes seconds and you get literally a new printer.
  • High print resolution
    Eddie offers the highest resolution in inkjet printing with up to 4800dpi. That allows photo quality prints with no compromise.

Food lndustry Certifications

food industry certifications

Eddie was designed from the beginning to meet or exceed all regulatory requirements for the specific purpose as an edible ink printer. Eddie has been certified by NSF, a printer industry first. NSF certification assures owners and customers that the product has been tested and approved by one of the most highly regarded, independent organizations in existence today. The NSF mark is valued by consumers, manufacturers, retailers, and regulatory agencies worldwide.

The edible ink cartridge meets all FDA and EU standards for use as a food additive. The ink cartridge itself meets cGMP standards and the entire manufacturing and cartridge filling processes are FDA-compliant and cGMP certified. The edible ink is also Kosher and Halal certified and suitable for vegans.

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